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Help us create a community art piece

The 2024 TOPIA festival will feature a collaborative art piece made from public submissions. Everyone from the community is invited to participate.


When the submissions are gathered and displayed at the festival on September 5–7, you'll get to see your own dreams illuminated alongside hundreds of others.


How to participate


  • Supplies required:

    • White paper, 8.5" square. This can be done with standard printer paper trimmed square.

    • Orange and cyan crayons or markers (red and blue will work OK, too)

  • With the orange crayon or marker, make artwork that imagines what you will be like in the future. Take this literally or imaginatively. What will you act like? How will you look? What will you be doing?

  • With the cyan crayon or marker, draw a picture that shows what you want your family or city to be like in the future. What will the world be like?

  • The lines from the two pictures can overlap. In fact, the final artwork will be cooler if they do!

  • Optionally, you can write your name, age, and email on the back of the artwork.

  • Finished submissions will be returned to any Jackson District Library branch. Please turn in your submissions by August 23rd to ensure the best possible placement of your art. Because of how your artwork is going to be displayed, you won't receive it back after the festival. Give it a farewell kiss!

Demo topia community artwork submission.png

Your submission might look something like this. We've got a very special way that this artwork will be displayed at the festival, so don't miss it!

Psst... if you find out about this after the submission deadline and you really, really want to do it, send us a note and we'll try to incorporate your artwork.

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