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The Team

Our team of volunteer members of Jackson Young Professionals live and work in Jackson. It’s our home and we work hard to make it beautiful. Our team members have diverse  backgrounds in art, event planning, finance, fundraising, volunteer management, government relations, community engagement, project management, graphic design, and more.

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Bright Walls was a public art and mural festival founded in 2017 and run by volunteer members of the Jackson Young Professionals. In just five years, plus a pandemic, the festival hosted artists from across the globe and brought more than 75 murals to the downtown Jackson, creating a new destination in our community. Although we've ran out of walls, we have not ran out of ambition to continue exploring new dimensions of creativity. We are eager to take all that we have learned so far and continue creating more spaces for meaningful cultural exchange through this new endeavor.

We know our hard work is making a difference and that’s why we continue to do it. But, we could not host our festival without the support from our community and partners.


Jacqueline Austin
Festival Director


Stacey Jones-Garrison

Creative Team


Mellissa Evans

Creative Director


Erin Kunert

Safety & Logistics


Ryan Jones

Creative Team


Renee Lynde

Sites & Logistics


Jacob McGarry

Creative Team


Andrew Phelps

Sponsor Relations


Jessica Wade

Sponsor Relations

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